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サッカー戦術分析を中心に、サイエンスや読書などの趣味について書いているブログです 「意図のない、ティキタカは大嫌いだ!」 Positional Playが大好き

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LaLiga@LaLigaLa Giralda presume orgullosa de ver al @SevillaFC... 🔝 LDER de #LaLigaSantander! 🔝👏❤👏 14:46:1211tegen11@11tegen11Let's take a look at some La Liga numbers.A clear top three, as expected... but wait, who'
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Group AGroup BBetween The Posts@BetweenThePostsTottenham Hotspur's manager Mauricio Pochettino opted to press FC Barcelona vigorously at the Wembley Stadium. A se… 03:01:34Between The Posts@BetweenThePostsLovely symmetri
『UEFA Champions League 2018/19 Group Stage Match Day 2』の画像

Twelve@twelve_footballAfter their match yesterday, Manchester City go back to the top of our Expected Goals table and Fulham drop to the… 05:23:42Twelve@twelve_footballManchester City are making twice as many shots as th
『England Premier League 2018/19 Matrices』の画像

Temma H.@tenchan433Vegalta Sendai's campaign after the WC break. Significant defeat against Yokohama F Marinos in City Group, which tr… 17:27:14 11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Shimizu S-Pulse against Sagan Tosu
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Group AGoal Charts@GoalChartsMonaco vs Atletico Madrid18-09-2018@StrataBet Match Review: #xGplot… 23:25:15Group BBetween The Posts@BetweenThePostsInternazionale and Tottenham Hotsp
『UEFA Champions League 2018/19 Group Stage Match Day 1』の画像

Belgium 2-0 England11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Belgium against England. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 10:06:29Football LAB@football_lab3位決定戦 ベルギーvsイングランドのデータです。[パス交換][シュート時の
『FIFA World Cup 2018 Final - #FRA:#CRO, #BEL:#ENG』の画像

France 1-0 Belgium11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for France against Belgium. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 14:06:56 11tegen11@11tegen11Scouting Ratings find the star men on either side.Honorable mentions for Kan
『FIFA World Cup 2018 Semifinal - #FRA:#BEL, #CRO:#ENG』の画像

Colombia 1-2 Japan11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Colombia against Japan. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 08:06:52 11tegen11@11tegen11Scouting Ratings, with the caveat that Colombia played 10v11 for nearly 90 m
『FIFA World Cup 2018 Group H - Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan』の画像

Belgium 3-0 Panama11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Belgium against Panama. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 11:24:28 11tegen11@11tegen11I'm a lot more positive about this Belgian performance, than most.Scouting R
『FIFA World Cup 2018 Group G - Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England』の画像

Argentina 1-1 Iceland11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Argentina against Iceland. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 11:05:5211tegen11@11tegen11Player ratings show Messi [6 shots - 42 deep zone touches - 13/18 dribb
『FIFA World Cup 2018 Group D - Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria』の画像

France 2-1 Australia11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for France against Australia. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 05:57:46 11tegen11@11tegen11Player ratings for France are a bit mweh, much like the whole game. The
『FIFA World Cup 2018 Group C - France, Australia, Peru, Denmark』の画像

Morocco 0-1 Iran11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Morocco against Iran. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 11:05:53 11tegen11@11tegen11Generally low player ratings in this match. Both teams struggled offensively.Mor
『FIFA World Cup 2018 Group B - Portugal, Spain, Morocco, IR Iran』の画像

Russia 5-0 Saudi Arabia11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Russia against Saudi Arabia. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 11:00:15 11tegen11@11tegen11Our player ratings model looks at underlying performance, rather t
『FIFA World Cup 2018 Group A - Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay』の画像

1st Leg Sevilla 1-2 Bayern 11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Sevilla against Bayern. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 14:58:59 Juventus 0-3 Real Madrid 11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Juventus against Rea
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ぱこぱこ・へめす@tenchan433passmap & defensivemap for World Cup Asian Qualifier & ACL 07:03:29 15 September [-Match 4] 11tegen11@11tegen11Here's an early #EPL good-lucky matrix.Bottom is the managerial graveyard.Palace h
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Match Day 1 ぱこぱこ・へめす@tenchan4332018/02/13 AFC Champions League KAWASAKI FRONTALE 0-1 SHANGHAI SIPG passmap 18:47:44 ぱこぱこ・へめす@tenchan4332018/02/13 AFC Champions League JEONBUK HYUNDAI MOTORS 3-2 KASHIWA R
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今シーズンからヨーロッパではMatch Of The DayやSkyなどでxG(期待点)が導入されている。 フットボール統計学 xG(Expected Goal、期待点)とxA(Expected Assist、期待アシスト)を再確認する xGやxAに加えて、xGChainなど、関連する指標はこのブログで何度も紹介しているので
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1st Leg Juventus 2-2 Spurs 11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Juventus against Spurs. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 15:53:56 Basel 0-4 Man City 11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Basel against Man City.
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11tegen11@11tegen11A third Napoli title?The model thinks they can do it, but it'll be a close fight with Juventus. 08:28:21 11tegen11@11tegen11This is so impressive.Sarri's Napoli top nearly all important offensive and de
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『「仮説を立てろ」はウソ! データ分析のプロはこう見る 西内啓×久永啓(前編)へのコメント』の画像