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サッカー戦術分析を中心に、サイエンスや読書などの趣味について書いているブログです 「意図のない、ティキタカは大嫌いだ!」 Positional Playが大好き

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Tactical Analysis

Twelve@twelve_footballAfter their match yesterday, Manchester City go back to the top of our Expected Goals table and Fulham drop to the… 05:23:42Twelve@twelve_footballManchester City are making twice as many shots as th
『England Premier League 2018/19 Matrices』の画像

Group ABetween The Posts@BetweenThePostsQuite an extreme Favre style passmap by #BVB last night.Also goes to show why judging performances on passmaps alo… 03:19:16 Between The Posts@BetweenThePostsAtltico knicked two go
『UEFA Champions League 2018/19 Group Stage Match Day 5』の画像

Between The Posts@BetweenThePostsBundesliga title implications for Dortmund - Bayern.Even early in the season, these kind of clashes are huge.Baye… 09:37:29 最後まで読んでいただきありがとうございました。コメントもたくさ
『Germany Bundesliga 2018/19 Matrices』の画像

Group ABetween The Posts@BetweenThePostsClub Brugge started the game well and converted most of their chances. Sitting back for the rest of the match is a… 05:47:24 Between The Posts@BetweenThePostsBorussia Dortmund had
『UEFA Champions League 2018/19 Group Stage Match Day 4』の画像

Group ABetween The Posts@BetweenThePostsDortmund’s wing speed more than negated Atltico Madrid’s fullback tactics, as Achraf Hakimi put in a man of the ma… 09:24:31 Between The Posts@BetweenThePostsA draw seems like a
『UEFA Champions League 2018/19 Group Stage Match Day 3』の画像

LaLiga@LaLigaLa Giralda presume orgullosa de ver al @SevillaFC... 🔝 LDER de #LaLigaSantander! 🔝👏❤👏 14:46:1211tegen11@11tegen11Let's take a look at some La Liga numbers.A clear top three, as expected... but wait, who'
『Spain La Liga 2018/19 Matrices』の画像

Group AGroup BBetween The Posts@BetweenThePostsTottenham Hotspur's manager Mauricio Pochettino opted to press FC Barcelona vigorously at the Wembley Stadium. A se… 03:01:34Between The Posts@BetweenThePostsLovely symmetri
『UEFA Champions League 2018/19 Group Stage Match Day 2』の画像

Temma H.@tenchan433Vegalta Sendai's campaign after the WC break. Significant defeat against Yokohama F Marinos in City Group, which tr… 17:27:14 11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Shimizu S-Pulse against Sagan Tosu
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Group AGoal Charts@GoalChartsMonaco vs Atletico Madrid18-09-2018@StrataBet Match Review: #xGplot… 23:25:15Group BBetween The Posts@BetweenThePostsInternazionale and Tottenham Hotsp
『UEFA Champions League 2018/19 Group Stage Match Day 1』の画像

Belgium 2-0 England11tegen11@11tegen11Passmaps & xGplot for Belgium against England. #passmap #xGplot #autotweet 10:06:29Football LAB@football_lab3位決定戦 ベルギーvsイングランドのデータです。[パス交換][シュート時の
『FIFA World Cup 2018 Final - #FRA:#CRO, #BEL:#ENG』の画像